Mastectomy Reconstruction over Muscle, Happy W/breast Skin Lined W/Alloderm for Support, but Would Like Repair Suggestions?

I'm having issues with implants traveling near neck or into arm pit. Surgeon is amazing, trying to find a solution that will work with my Crossfit lifestyle, going to try permanent stitches through Alloderm to muscle, but not sure the long-term results. My concern is movement breaking any stitches placed, or limited movement and muscle strength. I care less about visual, more about function. (reason I requested over the muscle) Can't find info/reverence for this procedure. Any experience?

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Mastectomy and alloderm reconstruction

I use alloderm specifically in cases where I am placing a tissue expander. The alloderm becomes incorporated into the surrounding soft tissue with some time.  As for activity, it really depends where you are in the reconstruction.

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Mastectomy Reconstruction over Muscle, Happy W/breast Skin Lined W/Alloderm for Support, but Would Like Repair Suggestions?

You were correct in choosing to place your implants above the muscle  with you fitness lifestyle.It  is however more difficult to fixate the implant in the pocket above the muscle.

You are also correct  with your concerns with suture fixation not being sufficient.

In cases such as yours I use synthetic mesh ,either permanent or absorbable to help fixate the tissues. I have found that mesh hold the tisues in place more effectively then sutures or alloderm

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Breast Reconstruction


Hello Tara

Migration of the implant is a problem that is seen in both reconstruction and breast augmentation.

There are many methods to repair the pocket. Suturing the pocket with capsule flap, using alloderm, and local flaps for lateral displacement are methods that can be used. Suturing is a mothod that frequently fails and the displacement recures.

Capsulectomy and use of sutures and alloderm can be more successful, Local flaps is big surgery but may asure better results.Changing the pocket from under from above the muscle to below the muscle and the use of textured implants may work well.

My concern is putting the implant above the muscle in a mastectomy. How much implant covering do you have?

Superior migration of the implant require a capsulectomy, to allow the skin to adhere to the muscle and prevent migration.

Good luck

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