Is swelling/bruising under eye a reaction to 21 year old cheek implants? (Photo)

60 year old female. Had upper/lower osteotomy in 1995 to correct open bite and also added cheek implants. 21 years later, I've now had 2 episodes, 15 months apart, of swollen cheekbone and bruising under eye. CT scan shows no problems with implants or sinuses. Seeing maxillofacial surgeon in 8 days. Is my body really rejecting my implant? Doctor previously told me he would remove only one implant - why?! BTW I do not know what type of implant I have.

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Is swelling and bruising under eye a reaction to cheek implants placed 21 years ago?

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It would be very unusual for swelling and bruising to occur under the eye due to cheek implants that were placed 21 years ago.  An examination of you would really be needed to try and determine what might be the cause of the swelling and bruising under your eye.  

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Abnormal Recurrent Swelling 21 years after Cheek Implants

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It is doubtful that you are experiencing an implant rejection, especially if your symptoms are only apparent on the right side. Since you have a normal CT exam for sinuses and implant position I would consider a complete dental examination and x-rays. Sometime a bad tooth or dental apical infection can effect the maxillary bone or soft tissue of the cheek and cause significant swelling. The swelling subsides with antibiotics, but if you have recurrent problems, consider bilateral implant removal. Hope this answer helps. 

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