I need & want an arm lift but I have another problem. My forearm also has saggy skin?

I believe could this could be from the skin needing removed on upper arm Will getting an arm lift help pull up the forearm skin? I'm very self conscience about this also. Is there help with this? Have any of you dealt W/ this on other patients? I think if I get an arm lift & still have the forearm sagging my arm would not have a pleasing look & I'd still hate my arms! Before I really make a decision I'd love to have opinions on this. Thank you so much for any help or advise you can give.

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Saggy Skin

Sometimes the saggy skin can go down the forearm and we may need to remove it. If there is not too much, we can use SAFElipo as scarless alternative or ThermiTIGHT internal skin tightening. These are exciting alternatives to removing skin in many cases.

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Extended arm lift

Hello and thank you for your question. The only way to get rid of the forearm skin is to cut it out. Although not often performed because it is rarely needed, I have personally done quite a few. The upper arm incision is continued as far as necessary often to the wrist. These usually heal well and leave good scars.Peter Fisher M.D 

Peter Fisher, MD
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Arm lift

Usually, the scar does not cross into the forearm, but in certain cases, it may be required.An exam and consultation with a plastic surgeon is recommended to discuss your options and expectations. 

Harry T. Haramis, MD, FACS
Montclair Plastic Surgeon
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