Will Massaging Textured Round HP Implants Under the Muscle Make the Pocket Larger Hence Making Breast Feel Softer?

Had my BA in Thai.ws a 34 cup A,uneven ht of breasts,now a 34C/D,even ht of breasts.my PS usd siltex undr muscle.since I'm a foreignr&didn't hav tym 2 waste,I jst went ahead w/ d surgry w/o being told wat typ of implant wil be used.postop I learnd I had text. implants undr muscle.3 days postop my sutures wer removd.now my scar is a bit bumpy.is 3 days too soon?my PS advised me to massage my breasts.wil that make my Breasts feel softr?is it ok if d implants didn't adhere to d tissues undr muscle?

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Softness of textured implants

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Textured implants take about 6 months before they begin to soften.

Massages will not speed things up.



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