Massaging a Shaped Natrelle Breast Implant

I have 450cc naterelle breast implants (410 MM) is there a way to massage them in order to make my nipple more center? I've drawn up a diagram of the technique I heard will help place my nipple in the center).

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Massaging a Natrelle shaped breast implant to affect nipple position

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Hi MayB,

I looked closely at the diagram you supplied. It appears as though you are attempting to massage the implants laterally, so that they may be better positioned under the nipple. In theory this may have some benefit, but the Natrelle 410's are textured, which means they are designed to be fairly immobile once placed.

Some patients have laterally placed nipples, and this should be noted to them at the time of consultation. If an implant is placed too medially (centered), it may make the appearance of lateral nipples more exaggerated. In contrast, placing the implants more laterally (to the sides), may create a large gap between the cleavage. Using an implant that spans the width of the breast is the best compromise to this problem. Additionally, using a larger implant tends to exaggerate the appearance of laterally displaced nipples, because they tend to push them out further. In my patients, I will advise them to go with a smaller size if nipple displacement is a concern for them.

In closing, doing the massage may help, but it probably won't correct things entirely. Good luck

Best regards,

Lawrence Tong MD FACS FRCSC 

Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Will massaging of breasts help reposition nipples?

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Though you didn't provide pre-operative photos for further information, repositioning your nipples by massaging your breasts/implants will not be effective. Your nipples are laterally situated naturally so that short of performing surgery to attempt to place them more centrally (which I would definitely not recommend!), this will be your outcome.

Steven Turkeltaub, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Massage Will Not Likely Centralize Nipples

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I have not had my patients perform massage for many years.  I place almost all implants under the muscle and feel that the muscle performs any helpful massage.  I suspect that your nipples were somewhat similarly placed pre-op but you did not provide any pre-op photos.  If this were the case, it is difficult to correct with augmentation.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

Massaging shaped implants

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Shaped implants are textured to help them maintain their orientation. Massaging them could actually result in malrotation which could give your breasts an odd shape.

Marcel Daniels, MD
Long Beach Plastic Surgeon

Implant position

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It will never work what you hope to accomplish by pushing on the implants.  Your nipples are laterally placed on your chest and there is nothing to do to centralize them without placing incisions on the areola. And in your case, it will not move over significantly.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Massage after surgery

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Since the rate of capsular contracture in my practice is low after breast augmentation, you do not need to do any massage unless I advise it. 99% of my patients are advised not to massage, a recommendation I have been giving for over eight years. If you are instructed to do massage exercises, it would be a little later on in your recovery so that things can get a chance to settle and tissues are allowed to strengthen a bit. I normally do not recommend breast massage for about a week to 10 days after surgery. However, please listen to your surgeon. Ask them if you should be massaging your breasts.

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