Massage - Liposuction and Breast Augmentation?

How soon after liposuction should I start the lymphatic drainage massages? Will those improve/remove the appearance of lumps and bumps? I had liposuction performed 15 days ago. Are those massages also for the breasts? I also had breast augmentation (via areola incision) and one breast seems swollen. Thanks in advance!

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The best time to start the messaging of your liposuction is 2 weeks after surgery; it will help break down the scar tissue and help minimize the bump and irregularities. In our practice we usually don’t tell our patients to message your breast. If they are placed under the muscle your implants are auto messaged every time you move your arms.


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Post Lipo and Breast Augmentation Massage

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Thank you for your question. Massage of the breast is usually more irritating than therapeutic, so avoid massaging the breasts, but lymphatic massage can be done sooner, but only gently. Avoid over-massaging as this can cause swelling. I hope this helps.

Lymphatic massage after liposuction

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Starting lymphatic massage one to two weeks after any kind of liposuction is very beneficial.  Massage helps to mobilize lymphatic fluid which is present after liposuction.  The massage helps to drive the excess fluid into the lymphatic vessels so that your body can clear it out of your system.  This helps a lot to reduce swelling after liposuction and helps to minimize lumps and bumpy irregularities that are present for a few weeks after the procedure. 

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Massage after liposuction and breast augmentation

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It should be safe to start massage at two weeks following liposuction and breast augmentation.  This will help mobilize lymphatic fluid and reduce swelling following the liposuction and can also help prevent a tight scar capsule from forming around the breast implant.  Check first with your surgeon to see if this would be appropriate in your case.  Best wishes.

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