Massaged Botox, Shorter Longevity?

Today I had 2 units of botox injected into the sides of my nose in order to further improve the look of my deep nasolabial folds. I didn't know better and massaged it a lot because I also got Juvederm in the folds at the same time. It looks like the botox might have spread to other areas and now I just want it to fade away as quickly as possible. Will it last shorter when it is spread out? Will it be just as strong in the areas its been spread out to by massage, as the injected areas themselves?

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Massaging Botox

Although it is hard to tell without examining you, 2 units to the nose or nasalis shouldn't really "spread" if properly injected. It is commonly placed in the sides of the nose, or the nasalis muscle to help decrease "bunny lines." I would check in with the provider for more information and education on what they were attempting and what you are expecting.

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Botox and massage-not recommended routinely

Your story is confusing.  Botox is commonly injected into the sides of the nose for "bunny lines"  but then you say it was injected into the nasolabial fold along with Juvederm? That is not routinely done.  If you massaged the Juvederm in the nl fold and didn't touch the nose, which seems likely, then no harm done.  Actually if 2 units of Botox were injected in the nasolabial fold, its such a low dose, hopefully nothing will happen there.  Massaging botox just spreads it out more, and yes such a low dose will not last very long.  At this point, you need to stop massaging, and wait it out and see how it looks in a week or two.  If you are not satisfied, go back to your doctor. 

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Botox, Juvederm and massage

   I tell my patients not to massage where the Botox is injected, as it could cause unwanted spread. However, I don't think with just 2 units of Botox in the lateral nose, you could do too much harm, and should not shorten its longevity.  You mentioned the Juvederm was injected yesrterday as well.  Sometimes there is swelling and bruising asociated with fillers which can take a week or so to settle down.  I would give the doctor that treated you a call and go in for a quick check if you are worried.  I hope this helps, Botox and Juvederm are some of my most popular cosmetic procedures and patients are generally very pleased with the results.  Lana Long, M.D.

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Massaging After Botox

I doubt that your massaging of the area in which Botox was injected is going to have a significant effect on its longevity.  I ask my patients to activate the muscles into which Botox has been injected to help disperse the product.  Two units of Botox is not likely to have a great effect on this area with or without massage.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
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Don't massage right after botox injections

botox is absorbed rather quickly and bound to the areas locally where it is injected, but if you massage the bump of fluid right after it's injected, you might push the fluid to adjoining areas and have unwanted accessory muscle groups affected. Massaging the area the next day would probably not have the same result as the Botox would be bound before then. Theoretically, if you spread the initial amount injected immediately, over a wider area, the smaller density of units of Botox per area could mean a shorter duration of effectiveness but the risk of affecting an adjoining area and obtaining an undesired result such as asymmetry of the mouth, difficulty smiling, brushing one's teeth or eating/drinking, would not be worth the attempt and should be avoided.

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Botox should not be massaged

You should not massage Botox in any area that has been treated since you do not want to spread it.  It will take about ten days to see the full effect of your treatment.  Depending on the injection sites, you may have some difficulty raising your upper lip for several weeks.

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
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Do not massage BOTOX injections to avoid complications

After BOTOX you should not be massaging the injections sites because it can spread the BOTOX out of the desired treatment areas.  This is especially important around eyes as BOTOX could be massaged to migrate down into the eyelid muscles leading to droopy eyelids.  Massaging does not shorten the longetivity of the treatment.

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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