Should I Massage my Nose After Tip Plasty if Recommended by my Surgeon?

I had a tip plasty & septoplasty 2 months ago and visited my surgeon for a check up today. She was concerned about the level of swelling and suggested that I start lightly massaging my nose every day to help reduce swelling and soften scare tissue. I understand this is a controversial issue and a lot of surgeons don't recommend it due to the damage it can cause, but should I follow the advice of my surgeon or let the nose heal naturally?

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Should I Massage my Nose After Tip Plasty if Recommended by my Surgeon?

 You should follow the instructions of your Rhinoplasty Surgeon after your Rhinoplasty.

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Massage after Rhinoplasty


It is usually suggested that you follow your surgeons instructions since they are the one person fully aware of your exact procedure and where you are in your post operative healing phase. Make sure that your surgeon shows you an example of the pressure they would like applied or lack of pressure I should say so you understand the exact method the surgeon wants the massage and exact amount of "lightly massage" needed. I would also ask how often your surgeon would like you to massage your nose so that you understand the surgeons orders completely. If you see any problems arise from this massage notify your surgeon and go from there. Frequent follow up appointments are probably a good idea. Best regards and quick healing!

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Massage after rhinoplasty

Massaging after rhinoplasty can be recommended in some of my patients who have swelling along the side of the dorsum. I don't recommend massaging at the tip for my patients. If there is swelling that needs to be addressed steroid injections may be helpful. Two months  after rhinoplasty is still relatively early, and especially so for tip concerns.

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Massage after rhinoplasty

I frequently recommend massage to my patients. It doesn't cause any damage if done correctly. Follow your surgeon's instructions.

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Tip Swollen 2 months post-op Rhinoplasty


At this point, if your tip is still swollen I doubt massaging will help you. Ask you surgeon to consider steroid injections to reduce the swelling.



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Light Nasal Massage After Rhinoplasty

Dear Jedantony,


The key word in your post is "LIGHTLY" when you were describing the nasal massage recommended by your surgeon.

I recommend that you trust your surgeon as she knows the full details of your surgery. The important point is that you follow her instructions closely because excessive pressure during the massage may not be beneficial.

I hope this helps.

Thank you for your inquiry.

The best of luck to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

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