Can I Massage my Breast After 3 Weeks of Capsular Contraction Removal Surgery?

I had a capsular contraction removal surgery 3 weeks ago and was wondering if I should start to massage my breast to avoid cc again? I also got my stitches removed a couple of days ago and have some scabbing. I am afraid of getting cc again and would like another doctors opinion regarding my issue. One more thing, is it safe to start putting Mederma on my nipple area? I really don't want a horrible scar.

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Post capsular contraction surgery

I have found massage more helpful in patients with saline implants, and I encourage them to continue massaging indefinately. Check with your surgeon to see what his experience has been, I dont think massaging is as helpful with gel implants. At 3 weeks if the scars are firm and dry I like aquaphor at bedtime or after a shower, if the scars tend to become hypertropic then I like scarfade, a silicone gel.

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Concerns after Revisionary Breast Surgery?

 Although I understand your goal to receive additional opinions, your plastic surgeon really should be your only resource when it comes to postoperative management. He/she knows exactly what your situation is, what procedure was performed, how you are progressing, and is ultimately responsible for your care.  Following advice you receive online can be confusing or worse.

 Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Massage After Breast Surgery

It is wise to follow your Plastic Surgeon's instructions regarding your post op care.  He knows exactly what was done during the procedure.  Every patient heals different.  Topical creams can be used when the incision is healed.  All the best!

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
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Massage After Breast Surgery

Early implant massage is generally helpful after most types of breast implant surgery to lessen the chances of capsular contracture.  I recommend it once the surgical pain is minimal and the initial swelling has subsided.  This can be as soon as one week post-op.  I recommend that you ask your surgeon since he was the only one who was there and who knows exactly what was done.  Capsular contracture can occur spontaneously and cam occur again after capsulectomy.  Massage is one way you can help to lessen the chance of recurrence.  Some studies have also shown improvement with Accolate and Singulair.  Ask your surgeon about his thoughts on this.

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Can I Massage my Breast After 3 Weeks of Capsular Contraction Removal Surgery?

It is really best to get this advice from your surgeon. We have no idea what precisely was done, and there may be a good reason to avoid early massage. You can use topical scar creams when the incisions are sealed, with no drainage or scabs. 

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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Massage following capsular contraction surgery.

Thanks very much for your question.  I would run everything by your surgeon before doing anything but in general I would say yes to both of your questions.  Massage needs to be started early on if it is to have any useful effect.  If you wait too long a period of time the body begins to conform around the implant and massage will not be as effective.  Use of maderma at this point in time should be okay as well.  As long as your incisions are healed and there are not any open areas you should be able to start using it at this point.

Shaun Parson, MD
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