Will Massage/ Intentional Movement Help Dissipate Juverderm in Lips?

I don’t’ want to do hyaluronidase to remove it. I called the nurse and she said to leave it. She also told me NOT to massage it due to migration of product.I don’t understand why she would think that light movement would move the product but talking and drinking from a straw would not.It’s been 8 days so I’m wondering, will lightly massaging and moving my lips help the product to dissipate or would I just be wasting my time?

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Wait it out

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At eight days you may still be affected by swelling. I suggest you leave it alone and reassess in a week or two. Manual pressure with massage is far more aggressive than making facial expressions, which is why it is not recommended.

Massage Not Recommend

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I recommend that you do not massage the filler as you do not want to press too hard and/or move the filler into the wrong place.  

Moving juvederm

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Juvederm can be massaged to dissipate it a bit for several days after injection. If you want it removed, then you have to have hyaluronidase injected.

Massage can redistribute hyaluronic acid fillers

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Dear Blonddie, It is possible that massage would help smooth or redistribute your filler though that becomes more unlikely as time goes by following the injection. I am assuming that you have a visible lump or asymmetry. If massage does not resolve the issue the other options are small amount of additional filler to camouflage a lump or provide symmetry vs. hyaluronidase, as you mentioned.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Juvederm or Restylane filler in the lips and massage

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massage immediately after placement might make the filler move to unwanted areas. It is more diffiicult to move it as time goes by, but not impossible. We're not entirely sure why filler lasts longer in one area than another, but typically it's duration is often different in the vermillion border of the lip compared with  the body of the lip and both move the same amount.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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