Do Massage and Hot/cold Compresses Help Bumps Along Suture Line Post-bleph; if So, Details Re How I Massage and Apply Hot/cold ?

Do I massage the bumps directly? Do I alternate hot and cold compresses? Should the heat be moist? Is it ok to be using Tobradex on bumps? Surgery was two weeks ago.

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Glandular inclusions?????? Come on!

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Massaging is not going to address the bumps.  Tobrex is inappropriate.  Warn or cold compressess have no role at 2 weeks after surgery.  What has your surgeon said?  Please call their office and be seen for this.  It is likely you have inflammation along the suture track that will calm down with time.  Did your surgeon leave an aborbable suture in place after surgery?  Generally even the highly absorbable sutures need to be removed at about a week to avoid unnecessary skin inflammation.

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Fraxel Re:store Helps to Improve Surgical Incisions of the Eyelids

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The Fraxel Re:store has been shown to improve the healing of surgical incisions. I include 3-4 sessions of Fraxel after any incisions made in the face. I have seen that Fraxel laser resurfacing improves the contour, color and thickness of incisions. I start the Fraxel Re:store sessions at 4-6 weeks after the surgery and continue every 3-4 weeks.

Please talk to your surgeon to see if your healing is going as predicted before you start any of your own therapies.


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Do Massage and Hot/cold Compresses Help Bumps Along Suture Line Post-bleph; if So, Details Re How I Massage and Apply Hot/cold ?

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You really need to get any post Blepharoplasty instructions from the plastic and cosmetic surgeon that did your eyelid surgery.  It's unethical for any of the surgeons here to give other surgeons patients post op care instructions.

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Bumps on skin after blepharoplasty

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Management of these bumps depends on what they are.  Glandular inclusions may need gentle open evacuation, retained sutures may resorb or not.  If the bumps are localized residual swelling from where the sutures were, they will resolve without specific intervention.  Tobradex has a corticosteroid, and you should not apply it unless your surgeon has prescribed it.

Steve Laverson, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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