Massage After Rhinoplasty - Permanent Damage?

At 3.5 months post-op, I have excess supratip swelling that I massage once in a while. I've done it maybe 15 times, for no longer than a couple minutes and with fairly gentle-medium pressure. I know you're not supposed to do this and I'm going to stop, but I'm just wondering if I've done permanent damage or if there's a good chance that I've moved the cartilage that was inserted into my nose. So far I haven't noticed anything.

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Can massaging the nose after surgery cause damage?

Early on in the first few weeks massaging the nose can cause shifting of the weakened and mobile structure of the nose under the skin. So it's not advisable. However 3 months out its very unlikely you can dammage it. Nor is it likely to make a benefical difference.

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Damage Secondary to Massage After Rhinoplasty

Massage 3.5 months after rhinoplasty will probably not cause any harm, but will not help. The risk of damage depends on when you started doing this. Your grafts should be stable, but consult with your surgeon.

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Massage After Rhinoplasty - Permanent Damage?

It's impossible to know what grafts were used, if any, during your surgery without seeing the operative report.  Gentle massage in general is not likely to displace grafts at 3.5 months out.  It it not unusual to still have some supratip swelling at this stage.  Occasionally a steroid injection can help bring the swelling down faster. 

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