Can Massage After Hi Def Lipo Compromise the Results?

Hi. I'm about 3 weeks out from hi def lipo on my abs, hips, flanks. I had noticed that my abs were really hard at about week 2, which i understand is normal. I started doing light massage on my stomach 3-4 times a day for the last week, which has REALLY helped with the firmness, but I'm wondering if I could have somehow compromised the end-result of the true HI DEF look. Is it possible that my massage has "moved" any remaining fat around in my abs which could ruin my new "6 pack"?

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Can Massage After Hi Def Lipo Compromise the Results?

To answer your question directly - No. Massage is recommended after any type of liposuction. I prefer lymaphatic deep massages. It helps swelling to decrease and smooth out areas. 

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Massage can be done several weeks after your liposuction

Only after your surgeon approves the massage, should you undergo deep tissue massage / lympatic massage.  This can help reduce swelling more quickly. If done in the first few days it might disrupt the healing and stimulate more bruising, pain and even bleeding, so make sure you get your surgeon's approval.  Endermologie and Velashape are commonly done when massage is pursued.

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Probably not....



Massage will likely not hurt anything, but get your surgeon's OK before doing anything to the treated areas.


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Massage after HiDef liposuction

Massage should not have a detrimental impact on the results from your lipo. It is designed to actually be beneficial. You should discuss this and any other questions that you have with your treating physician.

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Hidef and massage

It is unlikely that light massage has affected your result from HiDef liposuction.  If you are concerned, check with your phsyician.

Steven Wallach, MD
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