Is It Possible to Have a Tight Implant Without It Being Capsular Contracture?

I have 450 cc silicone unders and I'm 15 months post op, age 32. I've recently been having issues with my leftie (and I work as a leftie, but am a rightie) and noticed it was tighter than the right. Lifting weights I think I pulled a muscle and when aggressively massaging I felt a pop. It hurt, then it was sore, now it feels better but not 100%. My left feels softer but I'm not sure if its cuz (if) I tore the capsule or maybe swelling went down. My ps isn't sure either. Going back soon tho.

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Firm Implant Softer After Exercise and Massage

Your story sounds like a mild contracture which you softened (unintentionally) by exercise and massage.  In the 1980s capsular contracture was treated by firmly compressing the breast, causing the capsule to tear.  Although it did work, it is not a good idea:  it is possible to tear the implant as well, or for the torn capsule to bleed, causing a hematoma.  Also, the "closed capsulotomy" was a very rough way to treat a patient.

Your best bet is to follow up with your plastic surgery.  Good luck!

Long Island Plastic Surgeon
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Capsular Contracture or Tight Implants

Saline implants can feel tight if they are over-filled.  Silicone implants are pre-filled by the manufacturer and do not feel tight without capsular contracture or an under-dissected breast pocket.  It sounds as if you have mild capsular contracture.  If the capsule is "popped", the breast can feel softer.  However, intentionally popping a capsule is an old technique that can lead to simultaneous rupture of the implant so it is best avoided.  See your plastic surgeon for a diagnosis and discussion of your options.

Philip E. Fleming, MD
Nashville Plastic Surgeon
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Firmness and capsular contracture?

It is quite possible that you have a mild capsule that you tore with working out. Best to be examined in person to see if anything needs to be done.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Is It Possible to Have a Tight Implant Without It Being Capsular Contracture?

Questions about borderline firmness really require an examination and are unlikely to be resolved over the internet. Seeing your surgeon is the right thing to do!   All the best;. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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Tight Implant

If you feel like you pulled a breast muscle or one side is tighter than the other then you should call your surgeon and have him examine you.  He or she will know if it is normal or if you have a capsular contracture.

Fred Hackney, MD (retired)
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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