Umbilical float TT and Lipo on my flanks 4/19/16. My upper muscles were not tightened and my lower not done correctly? (Photos)

I had a cons with a nutritionist and a personal Trainer to review 3D profile show Diastasis Recti I am starting PT to exercise my abs the "right way" not sure what that means yet. i work out 5 x week since 2002 Can it be fix with the right exercise? Advise please, what is going on? What do you think happen? Can it be fix? it seems I don't have a choice if I want upper muscles to be tightened and lower to be fix? How long do I wait for a revision? What would you do to treat me and give me curves?

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Mini-tummy tuck issue

The mini tummy tuck does not treat the skin above the umbilicus well even with a float.  Usually the muscles above the umbilicus are not treated weather. The main issue for you is the difficulty to insure that the umbilicus would survive  with  a full tummy tuck since it was detached from its main blood supply..

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Redo tummy tuck

It is difficult to evaluate your concerns based upon these photos.  You need to be examined by PS. Tummy tucks can be redone, you may benefit from muscle tightening or more skin excision , but only and in person exam will guide you.

Adam Tattelbaum, MD
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon
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