How do your patients do after a combined Bra line lift and standard tummy tuck?

I will be getting a combined Bra line lift and standard tummy tuck later this fall. I was wondering how well have your patients done postop. I'm a little hesitant to do a front and back procedure but want to take advantage of my time off and savings with getting it done together. I will have 6 full weeks off from work. Thanks!

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Combined Front and Back Procedures

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It certainly is possible to do both procedures together but the suture line in the back is more vulnerable to being pulled apart in the recovery period and there is no comfortable nonpainful area to lie on afterwards.

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Recovery time

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In general, patients are able to have a front and back procedure depending on the amount of skin/tissue to be contoured as a day procedure or an overnight stay and do well- really depending on the patient, areas to be treated, medical history.. a 6 week postoperative recovery period from work sounds reasonable

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