Got stitches on the inside of my bottom lip over 15 years ago. I still have a scar & half of my lip is still bumped up? (Photos)

When I was 6 I fell and sliced my lip open. At the hospital I got stitches (not by a plastic surgeon). I am now 22 and still have the scar on the inside of my lip. The half of my lip that the scar is on also has a noticeable bump. Should I see a plastic surgeon now and what will they do to correct this? Could it be covered by insurance?

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Lip bump

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Hi MassI hope you are well. In a sense you are lucky to have a scar there because it is concealed to most people. However, you are correct that there is a visible bump. It is hard to take a good look on this monitor.  A simple excision of excess mucosa (inner lip skin) may be all that is needed to improve your appearance. This could probably be performed in office for a fee that may even be lower than an insurance deductible. I do think it can be fixed, see what your local plastic surgeon has to say. 

Hope this helps!

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