I am 25 years old. What is the best way to fix the lines/folds around my mouth? (Photo)

When I smile I get folds around my mouth and noticeable lines. Is there anything I can do to prevent more lines/fix the ones I have acquired? I am 25, 5'3" 104lbs. I did use tanning beds back in highschool Now I enjoy the sun in the summer&wear sunscreen. I don't drink as much water as I should especially in winter. I eat pretty well. I don't smoke or drink coffee. I drink some weekends. I do have constant stress-not sure if that contributed as well.

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Laugh line

Hi and thanks for your question. Nasolabial folds and laugh lines are natural folds and lines and not a sign of aging. If they get deep and very noticeable then we try to improve them. At your age I would suggest using good sunscreen , avoid long sun exposure, life style change. You can also try PRP and laser treatment for prevention . I suggest to see an expert physician . 

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Fillers and the right skin products!

Hi EB25,

These kinds of lines around your mouth are something I see quite often. They're due to any number of factors including loss of fat around your face, aging of the skin, dehydration, and even the size and position of your lips and teeth.  Your photos help somewhat, but I suggest an in person visit for the best specific recommendations.  Rest assured, however, that there are many effective options for you. I'd expect you to be able to leave, even the same day, feeling like things have already improved, and knowing how to keep them looking good!

Onir Spiegel, DDS, PhD
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