Is excision of this wide, indented, hairless scar above my upper lip advisable? I want to re-grow facial hair. (photo)

Given that I don't trust lasers. I've had 2 Fraxel Restore treatments at Skin Care Physicians in MA for this facial scar. Was told I'd need 3-8 treatments. I've since read TONS of horror stories about Fraxel and many adverse reports filed with the FDA relating to long-term negative Fraxel side effects for which there's been little research. Positive Fraxel stories are rare. Is the scar too close to my mouth for excision (would it likely heal wide and indented again?) Do I have other options? I also want to re-grow facial hair.

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Bald lip scar

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If you revise this scar most likely it will return just the same...even if the surgeon does a great job. Laser is probably not going to accomplish much. You can place individual transplant hairs into the scar to hide it and get back the original look. As a guess 15 or so hairs would need to be placed by one at the right angle, direction and spacing. It is imperative that you go to someone with experience in this and there are not many....good luck

Scar treatment

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I would state that scar revision with cutting the scar out and re-suturing it runs the risk of giving you a similar appearing scar. I understand that you are against lasers because you have heard many bad stories about complications. This might be true but it is important to point out that making sure you see someone that understands laser physics is critical to getting a safe and effective treatment. There are many untrained laser technicians which operate lasers without the formal training. The practice you have been too has very well trained dermatologists who are experts in lasers, however, if you remained opposed to the concept of laser treatment, then you can explore other options. In my experience, most folks prefer the noninvasive approach with lasers which I find to be quite reliable in my hands.

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