Lipoabdominoplasty Doctor Near Boston?

I'm a 24 year old female recently ex smoker. After major weight loss and having a child, I am in need of a Tummy Tuck to feel normal. The risks however have me at bay. I've found information on lipoabdominoplasty as being a safer alternative as it doesn't have as much undermining. But I'm having a hard time finding a doctors doing this procedure. I'm in New England (close to Boston), but willing to travel for the right doctor.

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Lipoabdominoplasty Doctor Near Boston

The ASPS website is a good starting point to identify qualified, board certified plastic surgeons. Dr. Kenneth Marshall in Boston is a possibility. Consult with 3 - 4 experienced and expert board certified plastic surgeons to explore your options.

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Tummy tuck in an ex-smoker

Tummy tucks are one of the larger surgeries we do. When you have smoked, it damages the small blood vessels which help you heal. You are only 24, which is good. The less you smoked, the better. Stopping smoking for a few months ahead of the procedure also helps. After the procedure is done, continue not smoking and don't expose yourself to secondhand smoke.

As for "lipoabdominoplasty," be careful of marketing and trickery. If you have loose skin, hanging skin, stretch marked skin, or loose muscles, you need an abdominoplasty. It is not safe to liposuction the abdominoplasty flap, particularly in an ex smoker. I have been in practice for a decade. I am a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, and I specialize in the mommy makeover, yet I do not use the term "lipoabdominoplasty". That always worries me the doctors promoting it are all about marketing.

If you can get away with simple liposuction to achieve your goals, it is a simpler, safer surgery for you given your smoking history.

I agree with the prior plastic surgeon. Find a Board Certified surgeon. And then do like the women here in the Bay Area -- do meet more than one doctor to see what their opinions are. Again, watch out for the marketing and tricks. Anyone who seems too slick or what they say seems too good to be true, likely is.

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Tummy tuck

There are many very excellent plastic surgeons in the Boston area.  You can find one who is American Board of Plastic Surgery certified by going to

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