Fluid Pocket and Heavy Bruising 4 Days After Boletero Normal? (photo)

Hi, I had Boletero placed four days ago under my eyes by a plastic surgeon. I have significant bruising & swelling under my right eye. (My left eye is bruised, but less, and the skin is flat and normal.) I'm not a person whose eyes swell so this is new & definitely the Boletero. The swelling stays the same through the day, & is tender to gentle touch. I'm posting two pics. One without makeup, & one with so you can see the dimension of the bag. Is this "normal" or alarming? Any advice?

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Fluid Pocket and Heavy Bruising 4 Days After Boletero Normal?

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            There is a great deal of bruising and swelling, but this can happen with an injection into that area with any product.  Certain medications, activity level, along with anatomy and injection technique are all relevant.  I would return to your injector for an exam.  In most cases, a two week waiting period will allow a clearer picture to develop.


Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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