Boletero Placed 6 Weeks Ago Caused Bags Under Eyes. Will They Go Away on Their Own?

I had boletero placed under my eyes 6 weeks ago. I had black eyes for nearly 3 weeks & now 6 weeks later I have dark circles/puffiness under my eyes. I never had this prior & know it's the filler. I'm unhappy but I don't want to risk further problems with more procedures. What I want to know is will this fade completely in time? Can I expect a return to my original appearance? A patient reviewer mentioned once you have bags from boletero you'll have them forever. This makes no sense to me.Tx!

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Dissolve Belotero

Belotero actually usually only last 4-6 months. However if you are really displeased with your result, you should call your provider and ask if they would be able to inject hyaluronidase to dissolve the product. Try to avoid any products that may cause blood thinning and bruising for 7 days prior.

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Belotero to eye area

You can always try to dissolve the product with Hyaluronidase. This area is more sensitive with filling, since the skin is thinner and there can sometimes be redundant skin. I would return to where you were injected and discuss your options with them.

George T. Boris, MD, FRCS, FACS
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