Am I Being Treated for Occlusion Properly?

I have been confirmed by my PS that I have occlusion from my Juvederm in one nasolabial fold and I am heartbroken and look terrible. She told me that it was very minimal compared to other cases and gave me very specific instructions: no extreme temperature changes, cover face from sun, gently wash, and prescribed IC Cephalexin 500 mg 4X a day and IC Nifedipine 10 MG 2X a day. Do you believe this will work? Any other suggestions? I hate being a "rare" case... (32, female)

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Occlusion from filler

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I am sorry to hear that happened to you. Occlusion is a very rare possible side effect that can happen even when you see a well trained injector. The risk is higher in my opinion if you see someone who does not understand the anatomy and doesn't have the formal training like a dermatologist or plastic surgeon would. Some other common things done for occlusions is the injection of an enzyme to help break down the filler product. You did not mention this so I am not sure if it was done, but perhaps something to ask the plastic surgeon who injected you if that would be a good option in your case? Good luck. Please note that this does not constitute medical advice and that you should maintain close followup with your physician.

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