Are There Any Good Doctors in the North East For Brazilian Butt Lift?

Hi I want to have a brazilian butt lift procedure done, with a good doctor, but I havent heard of any good doctor from this area, I am in mass, and looks like all the good ones are in Florida or georgia, which is far. Does anyone of you knows about good ones in the North eastern?

Hi There,

Here is a link to our board certified doctors who are qualified to perform Brazilian Butt Lifts in your area. You are also able to browse by location.

Hopefully this helps!

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Is There Any Surgical Intelligance Within A 15 Mile Radius Of The Charles River?

OMG!  Within a 15 mile radius of the Charles River, you have some of the best plastic surgeons in the world.  I recommend you go to the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) website and check out plastic surgeons within your community and the environs.  Then cross reference it by checking the ASAPS (American Soceity for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) website.  This will limit you to those Board Certified plastic surgeons you want to consider.  Then cross reference that with those plastic surgeons on Real Self, and you should come up with about 10-20 surgeons.  See who on Real Self lists themselves as an expert in the Brazilian butt lift. 

I recommend choosing 5 of these plastic surgeons, have consultations with all of them, ask to see their before and after pictures, ask them to describe the technique they use, then let your gut make the final decision.

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