What Are the Different Fat Grafting Techniques and Which One Gives Permanent Results?

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Fat grafting technique

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There are many techniques for fat harvesting, purification and grafting with pros and cons for each. Each surgeon will have his or her own way that provides the best results for their patients. I always over inject knowing that I will have ~ 60% long term take and losing the 40% in the first three months after surgery. This typically translated to 600-700cc injection per buttock depending on the physical attributes. Immobilization of the area after grafting is very important as well. Best of luck.

Which is the Best Fat Grafting Technique for Permanent Results?

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The best Fat Grafting Technique is the technique which consistently provides the best results.  As of now, which technique that is hasn't been conclusively proven.  Many plastic surgeons perform this procedure and there are many different techniques that are used.  The best thing for you as a patient to do is to find a surgeon who has "long term" results that you think are the best.  And the words "Long Term" are key!   Anyone can show results at a few weeks after surgery which look amazing. But, what difference does that make if the fat all disappears over the next few months? 
I have preformed this procedure for about 15 years and can tell you from experience that patients don't typically reach their final size until at least 2 months (in rare cases),  more commonly 3 months and in rare cases up to 6 months after surgery

Different surgeons can use different techniques and get equally good results. Unfortunately, those same techniques in that hands of others can provide much lesser results.

As a patient, you should choose a Surgeon by the results they obtain, not by which Technique they use!   Plastic Surgery is an Art.  It is the skill of the surgeon that provides the results, not the machines that we use.   



What Fat Grafting Techniques give the Best Result?

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That's a great question and one which honestly can't be answered completely at this time since the science of fat grafting is still evolving. However harvesting of the fat as atraumatically as possible, processing of the fat in order to remove as much excess fluid, blood and oil as possible and lastly, injecting the fat in small volumes in multiple areas of the buttocks will typically result in the best results. Avoiding pressure to the buttocks after the procedure is also believed by many to aid in the healing and survival of the transplanted fat cell. Best of Luck   Dr Harrell

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