Can More Fat Be Reabsorbed Even After One Year?

Hi I am thinking about getting a BBL done but recently became very concerned about the fat that is reabsorbed, I understand that some of it will. But is it possible to keep losing volume even after years go by? If so how can I prevent this fron happening? If possible. what are the best things I an do to keep the volume?

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Fat loss after Brazilian Butt Lift

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Yours is a very common concern.  I do not see continued fat resorption in my patients years after surgery.  I expect up to 30% of transferred fat to resorb - but in my experience, this occurs during the first weeks to a few months after surgery.  After that period, the fat is yours.  Having said that, the transferred fat will behave just like the other fat stores in your body - it is subject to fluctuations in your weight.  So, if you lose weight a few years after the surgery, the fat stores in your body (including the fat that was transferred to your butt) will shrink proportionally.  I and most of my colleagues compensate for fat resorption by transferring a bit more fat than you need to your buttocks during surgery.

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Do you continue to lose fat following the BBL even after a few years?

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The BBL provides for the most natural form of buttock enhancement by using one's own donor fat. In my exeprience with over 750 augmentations, I find that absorption occurs during the first 6 weeks. After that the buttock stabilizes as new blood supply has grown in. I have never seen any patients returning after after several years because of continued absorption. Therefore, as long as your BBL is performed by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with extensive experience with the procedure you can allay your fears about future fat absorption. Good luck!

Will Brazilian Butt Lift Fat Go Away after the healing is finished?

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Hi Flatbooty
Thank you for the question.  I have performed the Brazilian Butt Lift for about 15 years.  I have never seen any significant fat loss after the first 3 months, and have seen patients back as long as about 10 years after their surgery.  Most patients retain anywhere from 80 to close to 100%.    However, yours is a common concern.  There is a huge demand for this procedure.  Many people think it can be done quickly, but in my experience, it can't.  To get a good result requires a good technique by the surgeon and a dedicated, compliant patient.

Good Luck

Fat resortion it is always calculated to lose in the next way/ la grasa siempre se reabsorve pero no totalmente

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if you need 200 grs or cc in each but we are not  going to put you the calculated quantity if not 3 times more like 600 into each one  so the losing is going to be faster in the first year we calculate we lose more than 25% but after one year the resortion speed lowes to  less than 5%, that is why normally we get on first sight impression an exagerated, sweeling in order than in couple of years stays everything ok and keep trough the future years no less than 60% inside.

por ciero si tu requieres 200 grs o cc. en cada gluteo no te colocaremos los 200 pero al menos 3 ves mas como 600 cc de tal manera  que al perderse grasa en el primer año aproximdamte . se pierde un 25% pero a partir del segundo año  va bajando al 10% y en años futuros tomara la forma  deseada inicialmente

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Volume loss after fat transfer

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The majority of the fat loss (resorption) after a fat transfer to the buttock will occur in the first 3-6 months. After that, the fat that remains will be permanent once it establishes it's new blood supply. If you minimize physical forces on the newly transferred fat cells (ex. sitting) you can increase the number of fat cells that survive. That being said, you will still lose about 30-40% of all the fat cells that are injected the day of surgery.

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