Breathing after rhinoplasty/deviated septum surgery?

I just had surgery Tuesday sep 6 - it is Friday and I am wondering when I will be able to breath through my nose again? I know it is early and I am still very swollen, just anxious to not feel so congested like a have a severe head cold. Thank you

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Breathing after rhinoplasty/deviated septum surgery?

Nasal congestion following nasal surgery is one of the hardest symptoms for patients to deal with because comfortable nasal breathing is so essential to feeling comfortable at rest. As a testament to this, if you ever talk to any individual who was unable to breathe easily through his/her nose for most of their lives and who has undergone surgical intervention to improve nasal breathing, you'd grasp just how life-altering and impactful such a positive change can be for those individuals. As a result, I often try to impress upon my patients who are seeking to have nasal surgery, on how the most bothersome side-effect of surgery is really the nasal obstruction. Despite this, there is often little ability to predict who will have worse symptoms, largely because the subjective feeling of nasal obstruction can vary dramatically from person to person. Although it's difficult to predict how long you will be congested for, I can reassure you that, if your nasal passages were patent before surgery, and if the surgery did not negatively impact such patency, that your ability to breathe easily should be fully restored, often within 6-10 weeks. It's very important at this time to avoid using nasal decongestants, which, despite relieving post-surgical congestion wonderfully, will actually worsen things drastically in the long term. It is also important to follow-up with your surgeon to ensure that you're healing well, that the nasal swelling is improving, that no grafts have displaced that are now blocking the nasal passages, and that there are no scar bridges forming, which too can negatively impact your nasal breathing. Best of luck!

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