Is tummy tuck with colostomy for medical reasons or is it considered cosmetic?

Have colostomy approx 8 years flanges worked well after repair for peristomal hernia stoma has not be right appliances due not stay adhered to abdomen despite numerous tries of different things also have lost 50 pounds skin under abdominal folds is always inflamed skin around stoma constantly inflamed burning and stinging constantly if excess skin removed I think flange would stay in place especially if stoma was revised to not be so flat I cannot see the surgeon did the colostomy I am 68 female

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Excess abdominal skin

Thank you for your question.  The procedure that might be indicated for you is a panniculectomy, not a tummy tuck.  I recommend consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon to determine if removal of your excess abdominal skin would be of any benefit with your stoma problems.  A panniculectomy in your case may be covered by your insurance.  However, if you are on medicare, the surgeon may require payment up front and then reimburse you if/when payment has been received from Medicare following your procedure.  Hope this helps.

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Insurance and TT

Most insurance companies will not cover an abdominoplasty though some may consider a panniculectomy if the redundant tissue interferes with your appliance. Have a consultation with your general surgeon as well as a plastic surgeon to see what can be done to help you. Best wishes. 

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