How to Treat the Under Eye Area - Bags and Veins? (photo)

I have big eyes,thin skin,and hollows under my eyes. I had juvederm,restylane,belotero, and botox injected under the eyes in a span of 5 months. I do notice some difference. However, the under eye area looks like it has developed serious bags. Before the fillers I had hollows but no bags,and now my eyes look tired all the time.I also see little blue veins under the eye area adding to the under-eye bags effect. My question is – what are my options to treat this area to get my eyes to look fresh?

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How to Treat the Under Eye Area - Bags and Veins?

I would recommend having Restylane injected, this will help the fill in the tear troughs

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Under eye bags and Veins

From the photo you submitted, it appears that you have some hollowing under the eyes, not bags. This can be treated by injecting filler in this area. It will give you a younger look.

As far as the veins, I am not aware of any treatments to remove them.

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