Traditional liposuction vs. smart lipo. (photo)

What would give me the best results for removing my "buffalo hump" and fat under my chin? Traditional lipo or smart lipo?

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Either form of liposuction can be helpful for these areas. They can be combined during the same procedure. Smartlipo is just a tool that melts fat and helps tighten skin and is added on to traditional liposuction which is sucking out the fat.

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Smartlipo is the winner here

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Some traditional lipo clinics and doctors do this in a operating room using general anesthesia, which is NOT needed if you are choosing to use smartlipo for your liposuction procedure. Smartlipo can be done under a local anesthesia and oral sedation, so yes, Smartlipo is definitely a better choice if it is appropriate for your concerns.  For your chin, smartlipo would be great as the cannula is smaller and the heat from the laser gives excellent results to tighten and define the jawline area. PrecisionTX is the newest technology for removing fat and tightening skin on the lower face and is produced by the same company that makes Smartlipo.

Andre Berger, MD
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Hump on the back

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Thank you for the question.  Either form of liposuction can be effective.  In general, however, areas that are more fibrous, such as the back, may benefit from either SmartLipo or Vaser to help break up the fat cells that may be resistant to aspiration with more traditional methods.  The final improvement is also dependent on the underlying configuration of the muscles and bone.

Lipo vs. SmartLipo

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Hello,Thanks for your question. Either form of liposuction can be effective. A consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon will help you understand the differences and make an informed decision. 

Janet Turkle, MD
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they should both be very effective for you. I have and use the laser routinely but remember the traditional procedure is part of the Smartlipo as you have to remove the residual melted fat. It's a matter of finding the right BCPS rather than the tool they use. I'm sure this will work out well for you. Good luck.

Sherwood Baxt, MD
Paramus Plastic Surgeon

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