How do I know if I have orbital asymmetry? Is there an eye examination or x-ray to determine if I do?

Hi my left eye (not eyelid) looks higher on photos but I cant notice that on the mirror, I dont have double-vision and I dont think It is lazy eye. Also I have jaw asymmetry, ride side of my jaw higher. I think Im trying to keep my jaw symmetrical on photos so when I do that my eyes looks asymmetrical. And when my left eye look higher also my left ear looks higher on the photos. I'm wondering If there is a eye examination or X-ray to determine orbital asymmetry?

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Facial Asymmety

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Thank you for your question. Facial asymmetry is quite common.  Physical exam is the best test.  Scans help in planning reconstruction but not necessary to start.  Whether you have surgery depends on the degree of asymmetry.  Surgery is only recommended in moderate to severe cases.  Fillers and fat can be used to camouflage facial asymmetry but it will not help with eye position.  Consider consulting with a craniofacial surgeon for further information.  Best wishes.

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