Is a large dent normal after abdominoplasty with hip Lipo? (photos)

I just had abdominoplasty with lipo at the hips, upper tummy and mons 2 weeks ago & when I went home from surgery I had this huge dent in my side where they had done lipo and where the drainage tube was located. The doctor looked at it 3 days ago and used a needle to make sure there was no excess fluid around the hematoma and nothing came out. My drain was also normal and low enough to come out. He didn't seem overly concerned but I see no one with a pic like this. Can you explain what this is ?

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Tummy tuck question

It would be nice to see preoperative photos and some other views from afterwards. It looks like it might be excess skin and fat. When a tummy tuck is performed the resultant scar and contour will depend upon the shape of the excision pattern. Also, the surgeon must pick a point at which the incision will end. This is usually determined by the distribution of the excess skin and fat and physically by where the body meets the operating table. There can be excess skin and fat at the end of the incision depending on these factors. Discuss your concerns with your surgeon. If this does not resolve with normal healing a revision may be warranted. 

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Dent in hip after TT/lipo

Based on your photos, it looks like the "dent" was likely the area where you had lipo done. Your surgeon may have taken out more fat on one side than the other leaving you with more of an indentation on your left compared to your right. It is much too early to be concerned yet. You have a lot of healing yet to go and things will continue to change with time. I would mention your concerns to your PS so that he/she can take a look and give you some reassurance. Best regards. 

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