Irregularities post Liposculpting on athletic built body. What can I do to help? (photos)

I've had liposculpting done twice in the same area because I had fibrosis the first time. I am 3 months post op, wore my compression suit, and did two weeks of heavy drainage massages. I work out, weigh 112 lbs and am 5 1'. My doc in Colombia suggests carboxytherapy and cavitation--which are hard to find in the U.S. Can anybody help me? Will I ever look Normal again? What's wrong with my skin? I've always been fit, just wanted my abs to show more and now I'm scared I'll look like this forever.

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Post lipo irregularities

The problem with doing too much liposuction is that a lot of scar tissue is being formed from the trauma. If too much fat is removed, the scar tissue will show through the skin, as it does in your case. At this point, I agree with the recommendation of cavitation. Many centers have cavitation in Miami. If you can't travel, Smooth Shapes or Vela shape may help as these modalities incorporate radiofrequency. I also recommend to my patients to use a heating pad over the lipo areas daily for 20 min, followed by self massage on a medicine ball. This will soften the scar tissue. If you are still unhappy after a year, fat grafting to these areas may help. Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon near you.   

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Vaser 4D HI DEFINITION and Skin Tightening

To get the definition you want, find an expert trained in Vaser 4D HI DEFINITION liposculpture, which is designed specifically for the abdominal region. I would also suggest some ultrasound therapy to tighten the skin. Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
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Irregularities post Liposculpting on athletic built body. What can I do to help?

Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well.. This is the surgical procedure that revolutionized cosmetic surgery becoming one of the most performed cosmetic procedures. Subcutaneous tissue or fat is removed in order to contour the body in a way that is harmonious and pleasing to the senses. It can be performed in almost all regions of the body such as the neck, chin, abdomen, back, buttocks, thighs, arms and ankles. Usually done through a small incision in the skin through which a cannula connected to a vacuum is applied, it can be performed alone or in combination with other procedures. After liposuction your body is going to be really swollen for at least 2 to 4 months after your surgery. It is important for you to wear your compression garment for at least 6 months, the first 3 months 24/7 and then the last 3 months at least 12 hours per day for your body get use to not having the faja for so many time. When you remove it, your body can get swollen and also you can have pain. Remember to also compress your body to prevent a seroma which is an accumulation of liquid that has to be drained, it is hard to touch and also really painful. Bruises are completely normal for almost 3 months from surgery, that’s why is better for you to use a bruising cream and apply it all over your body 3 times a day. To prevent bad circulation and swollen legs, use compression socks. Brazilian butt lift can be performed with the same procedure and for a month it will be swollen and it will drop a little bit without losing it’s shape if you use your garment.. If you’re going to perform liposuction on your inner, outer, anterior, lateral, postetior thighs, be careful and consult with your surgeon what’s best for you, sometimes we have more extra skin than fat, that can cause severe sagginess on our legs, which can be only be reversed performing a thigh lift…

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Irregularity after liposuction

Repeated liposuction in the same area has a much higher risk of irregularities.  Also the lean athletic body that has minimal subcutaneous fat needs to be liposuctioned more conservatively than a heavy belly, since over-reduction of fat can lead to rippling.  
One suggestion is to try Radio- frequency skin tightening such as Pellefirm to tighten the skin after repeated liposuction and reduce the rippling.  Try to find a board certified Plastic Surgeon in your area that offers this treatment and seek a consultation.  I wish you the best.

Semira Bayati, MD, FACS
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I don't think it will improve

Unfortunately, after having undergone 2 liposuction procedures and having relatively little remaining fat, I am unaware of anything that will provide smoothness to the area.  These areas are do often times to overly aggressive liposuction.  I have tried in the past to smooth cases like this out with repeat liposuction using laser lipolysis, but have found it only works when patients have a significant amount of residual fat to work with.

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