Is it possible to repair my ptosis?

I have congenital ptosis. I already had an operation. But now my eyelid folds outside, as a result of the weight of my eyelid, it is being weighed down. Can it be corrected?

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Congenital ptosis

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Congenital ptosis can be a challenging condition to treat surgically (especially when prior surgery has already been done).
Without photos or an in-person examination, it is very difficult to determine what, if any, would be the best procedure for you.
In your case, it is important to see an oculofacial specialist with significant experience treating patients with congenital ptosis (not just age-related ptosis). I would recommend getting at least two different opinions from experienced surgeons prior to coming to a decision.

Philadelphia Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Repairing congenital ptosis

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Without seeing photographs, it would be hard to say for sure what the underlying cause is at this time since you already had a repair. Sometimes even the best of repairs can result in recurrent ptosis. I would discuss your concerns with a surgeon in your area.

Scott Trimas, MD
Jacksonville Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Congenital ptosis is a harder category of ptosis

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You need a sub-specialist in congenital ptosis and you may already have found one in your surgeon.  It is not the sort of repair that "any" surgeon should undertake.  It is quite possible  that you might never get to the outcome you would like but an accomplished surgeon will be able to tell you when revisions are worthwhile and when they are not.  Remember that skin excess must be assessed in the "eyes closed" position.

Dan Kennedy, MBBS, FRACS (plast)
Brisbane Plastic Surgeon

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