Is this normal 5 months PO TT with MR? I look worse than prior surgery. PS unsure why, no fluid or swelling he feels?

I had TT w/MR 5/16. Results were flat and tight. Go in for 5 mth po, look pregnant. Weight before 119. My after pics are more full than I have been. Still..losing weight. 

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Post op TT

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Hi and thanks for the question. There are several reasons to have recurrent bulging after TT with muscle repair. One potential reason is for the muscle repair to fail which would require the muscles to be stitched together again. Other reasons could be related to swelling on the inside of the abdomen which may require an examination by a gastrointestinal specialist and imaging of the area. Best of Luck- Dr Hardy...

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Recurrent bulging

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I would check the muscle repair (with an ultrasound) to make sure that it is intact.  Another possibility could be stretchiness of your fascial tissues.

Ultrasound would also rule out any fluid collection or pseudo-bursa, which is another cause of a bulging appearance.

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Redo tummy tuck ?

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Dear Anon,

   Front and side view pictures would have been very helpful. If you were flat after surgery and now, after 5 months  later , your stomach appears fuller and worse without seroma or infection, the only possibility that come to my mind is disruption of the muscles repair. That could have happen either due to your excessive activity that strained and stretched the repair or the technique of repair was faulty or absorbing sutures were used and they dissolved too early. Obviously, only your surgeon can answer these questions.

   It is clear that you are unhappy with the outcome. Your best option  (financially) is to return to your surgeon and consider redo tummy tuck. In the event that you are not satisfied with your surgeon's response, consider a consultation with other plastic surgeons who are experienced and board certified. Most importantly, check their before and after pictures in the photo gallery, to make sure that they are numerous, consistent and attractive with flat stomach, low scar and nice belly button.

                              Best of luck,

                                                         Dr Widder

Tummy tuck post

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I think that you need to be seen in person to be properly evaluated. Without at least photos, I can not be sure what the reason may be.  Sorry.

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Look worse after tummy tuck

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Sorry to hear you look worse than before your tummy tuck.  You may want to get a second opinion.  If you were my patient, I would probably order an ultrasound to be sure there was no fluid collection.  If that were normal, then the other likely scenario is that the muscle repair didn't work well.  If the surgeon used absorbable sutures, then that may account for the problem.  If permanent sutures were used, then my next thought would be that there may be a gastro-intestinal problem that is causing you to get bloated and therefore ruin your muscle repair.  

Look worse 5 months after tummy tuck

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Thank you for asking about your tummy tuck.

  • I am so sorry you are going through this.
  • It is definitely unusual and the cause must be diagnosed.
  • You are right to see your PCP for evaluation.
  • If your surgeon won't send your report - and I am sorry this is happening, you deserve better -  the radiology department where it was done will send you one if you request it in writing.
  • It is possible that the muscle repair didn't hold up but an underlying functional or anatomic cause of the swelling and weight loss must be looked for. 

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes, Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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