Will lumps/hard spots that occur after breast reduction go away on its own? (Photo)

I had a breast reduction about 2 1/2 weeks ago, and my left breast has hard spots and lumps when I touch it or massage the area. It almost feels like scar tissue or hard fat. I went to my two week post-op visit and my surgeon said everything looks great, however he did not feel the breast. Is the hard spots/lumps something that I should be concerned about?

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Your too early in your healing process, however, almost all bumps will go away.  You need to be patient as this takes time, sometimes almost 12 months.  You should see slow progression of the bumps getting softer and going away.

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Lumpl and hard spots

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Commonly the breasts feel firm and may even feel a bit lump during the early post-op period. With time, as the tissues soften and the swelling subsides, this usually gets better.

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Breast reduction - postoperative healing

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thank you for posting your pictures. What you are describing sounds quiet normal. 2 1/2 weeks are still very early. Hard areas are usually related to internal scarring, bruising, internal suturing to reshape your breast. All of this belongs to a normal healing phase. You will see, this will become less and less over the next weeks or months. In case you are too concerned discuss your questions with your surgeon. I hope this helped.

Best wishes

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Thank you for your question and for the photos. 2 1/2 weeks is very early days after surgery. On average for the breasts to settle it takes up to 3 months. I would not be concerned as you will notice that the hard lumps will progressively soften and I am sure that at 3 months your surgeon will then examine once more your breasts and advise you.
Make sure you have your list of questions ready for when you will go for your next follow up.

All the best.

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