Is fat composite grafting risky in the eye area if I have scar tissue? (Photo)

I know fat grafting can leave bumps and some will stick and some wont. I have an area on outer left eye that wont even hold fillers now. Fillers in me last at most 4 mths. Working out, my metabolism eats them up. I hate to keep doing that to my skin and of course the $$. I have an apt to get fat grafting in upper lids next week. Its very costly for only doing that tiny area. Then we have the fact that it may look bad. Id like more info on composite grafting. Maybe it would be best for me.

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Fat Grafting Versus Fillers

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Fat grafting can be very gratifying in the right patient.  I always use PRP with my harvesting to enhance the results and help maintain more of the fat grafting.  I suggest you go to a facial contouring expert who uses microcannulas for injection to get precise results and limit bruising and swelling.  Also you want someone who uses the latest advances in fat harvesting and transfer, including the use of gentle water extraction and PRP like I described.  Seek an expert and do not compromise quality for cost or distance.  Longer term fillers like Radiesse, Belafill and Sculptra also work very well if injected by someone experienced.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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