I work and I go to school. I sit for about 10- 14 hours a day, can you tell me how many hours is ok to sit on with a pillow?

I work a 6 hour shift 5 days a week, I avoid sitting as much as possible but it is uncomfortable standing, kneeling, i sit on the edge w/ my butt up w/ a hemorrhoid pillow. I don't sit directly on it. In my car i sit on a pillow while driving and still try to avoid pressure on my butt because it does feel uncomfortable.When i am getting out of my car i but some weight on it to get out but thats about it. please tell me if i am damaging my fat transfer and if i am can i gain weight to replace it.

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BBL & Sitting

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I tell all my BBL patients they must avoid sitting for two weeks after surgery. Each surgeon has their own guidelines you should address this question with your chosen surgeon. 

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Sitting After a BBL

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Thank you for your question. The fat is placed near the muscle, and sitting for too long can cause some issues, but this is best answered by the surgeon who placed the fat, and they will know where the key pressure ares will be of concern. Sitting for small periods of time is acceptable, but depending on the areas of fat placement, there may need to be other things evaluated. I hope this helps!

Vivek Bansal, MD
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