I need advice on laser scarring, continued flushing, eye lids never recovered; 3mos out. What is normal and what is not?

I posted photos. irc63. Please help me! I am very concerned about the scarring. What can be done? I'm an returning Esthetics student, and my face can barely be touched without hurting, redness, flushing? What's my options? I feel my PA isn't being totally honest.

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3 months post MIXTO- what's normal?

I saw your earlier photos- do you have any recent ones to show your concerns about scarring? I tell my patients that redness is the last thing to go away. It is a result of new capillary growth and can also contribute to a healthy glue to the face. It generally declines slowly over the course of 6-12 months. You don't mention what is happening with your kids but you may want to see an ophthalmologist if you feel they have not tecivered. You could suffer from dryness that could lead to Eye irritation, loss of vision or worse.

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