It's been 8 days since I got Juvederm in the comas around my mouth and I'm still swollen on and off. Is this normal?

One side is swelling more and when I went to my injector it was swelling less they said it was fine and it would be 350$ to remove it. It's freaking me out that every time I think it's okay it starts swelling again

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Swelling after Juvederm to the mouth

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The lips are very thin, thus any injections into them will cause swelling. Additionally Juvederm is hydrophillic meaning it pulls water to itself for a bit, and then resolves. All of this should go away within about 2 weeks. Try to keep your hands and tongue away from the area as that will make things worse. See how things look at 2 weeks out and then decide if you want hyaluronidase to remove it.

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Juvederm and Swelling

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Juvederm can often cause swelling. I would definitely wait two weeks to see if the swelling subsides.  If it is still uneven then I would return for Vitrase to remove the product.  Best, Dr. Green

Fillers around mouth

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Fillers in general cause swelling. Most of the time this subsides within 1-2 weeks. Removing it by dissolving it is a personal choice. 

Steven Wallach, MD
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Lips still swollen after 8 days post juvederm treatment, is this normal = Yes it could be #fb #juvederm #lipaugmentation

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Lip swelling, and asymmetric lip swelling after lip augmentation with juvederm could be normal. The swelling could normally last as little as few days to two weeks.

Asymmetric swelling as opposed to symmetric swelling causes a lot of distress to patients. Patients with asymmetric swelling tend to ask for reversal of the filler with enzyme as soon as the asymmetric swelling happens. 

In my practice, if a patient results with symmetric or asymmetric swelling of the lips after lip augmentation with juvederm, I ask them to wait no less than 2 weeks to wait for the swelling to subside. In the mean time they are recommended to treat with ice pack therapy or oral low dose steroids. If after 2 weeks the asymmetric swelling persist, then the filler could be reversed. In most than 90%  of the cases of my practices, the asymmetric swelling resolves and they patients are satisfied.

Waiting for post lip augmentation swelling to resolve usually avoids the patients to reverse the juvederm filler and therefore loose their investment in the elective cosmetic procedure based on hyaluronic acid injection

John Mesa, MD
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Juvederm problems

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Hi there

thanks for the question, and sorry about your problem you are experiencing.  Swelling can last for a week or two after injections depending on the volume injected as well as if there was any bruising, swelling or hematoma.  If it is uneven after 1-2 weeks then I would consider getting some more to even it out.  You can reverse the juvederm but its hard to do that partially.  Typically it would be unpredictable and reverse the entire filled area back to his pre-injection state.  Before investing the time and money into that, give it a little more time and consult with your provider before reversing anything.

Good luck

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