What covers more surface area for CoolSculpting the abdomen?

Which results in more fat loss, 2 small applicators or 1 large applicator?

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What covers more surface area for CoolSculpting the abdomen? lsherin Anna Maria, FL 5 months ago

Thank you for your question. Every patient has a different treatment plan. Your treating physician will determine which applicator is best for your body type. Both the small and large applicators are just as effective. Regards, 

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2 small applicators vs 1 large

Hello and thank you for reaching out. The fat loss will be the same regardless of which applicator is used, around 20-25%. Depending on your exam and consultation, your CoolSculpting expert may recommend one CoolMax or 2 smaller applicators, it all depends on what fits your body the best and which will produce the best results. The CoolMax saves on time, because ultimately, one CoolMax is equal to 2 smaller hand pieces. Best wishes. 

Applicators and CoolSculpting

 Every person is different in evaluation of the applicator with CoolSculpt.  Many times, the larger applicator gets the same results as using two.  If a person is larger in size, then the two applications may be more effective in that they can be customized to the patients fatty tissue.

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Do 2 small applicators or 1 larger applicator cover more surface area for CoolSculpting?

Two small applicators cover the same surface area as one large applicator when a CoolSculpting procedure is done.  Sometimes, using two small applicators may be better than one for some people though.  If someone is fairly small, the large applicator may be too big to generate suction to draw the tissue in.  There are also some people that are not completely the same on both sides, and two small applicators may work better in this instance.  

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