Asian hooded eyes, what procedure would be necessary to gain desire results? (Photo)

I was wondering what type of procedure would be needed to get the eyes I desire. I attached a photo of me taken from a picture and then a photo of me in a selfie. I want my eyes to look like what they look like in my selfies.

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Natural results from Asian eyelid surgery

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Thank you for the photo. So you're asking to have a result it looks a bit like the one on the left? You have two options, suture technique or incision technique. Suture technique goes by many different names across the world; sometimes it's referred to as scarless or incision-less technique.  I don't think those descriptions are accurate. You may be a candidate for either but I tend to prefer incision technique for my Asian eyelid surgeries. I actually feel as though incision technique creates a better looking scar because it's one continuous line as opposed to a line of dots which is easier for the human eye to notice.  You certainly want to keep the crease low and keep a tapered look if your goals are something like what you provided in the photograph.  This is a procedure performed under local anesthesia with very reliable results so long as you work with a surgeon who performed the surgery very frequently.

Chase Lay, MD

Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Asian blepharoplasty/ Double Eyelid surgery- an opinion from the UK

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Hi there. Greetings from the UK. As you've touched upon in your question, Asian/ Oriental Blepharoplasty surgery varies from patient to patient and what is good for one patient may not be suitable for others. From your pictures though it appears that all you're after is a simple subtle increase in the upper eyelid show with an eyelid show of about 3mm or so. From your second picture it looks like you've got a skin crease already. If you've got enough adequate skin you may get away with simple skin excision of the lid fold ( ensuring that you've got adequate postoperative skin to guarantee safe closure of the eyelid). We'd normally want to examine you in the clinic to assess your natural crease height and depth as you may benefit from a higher new surgical crease too. It all depends on what you want to achieve and what your pre-existing natural anatomy is like. Either way I'd recommend that you see a surgeon who'll be able to discuss all these anatomical considerations with you in a transparent simple manner as different procedures (e.g. simple skin excision vs new surgical crease reformation +/- skin excision +/- epicanthoplasties) have different risk profiles. An old adage from the UK oculoplastic community is that what works most reliably is the often simplest option which often happens to be the safest too!

David Cheung, MBChB, Bsc(Hons), FRCOphth
Birmingham Oculoplastic Surgeon

This is from Girin Plastic Surgery.

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As I see on your picture, you seems sleepy because the pupil is hidden on upper side .
I carefully recommend what you need is ptosis correction because you seems lack of strenthen when you open your eyes.
If your eyelid lines goes little up, and getting epicanthoplasty, lateral canthoplasty procedures together, your eyes may be change to bright eyes.
Ptosis correction have two kinds of surgery which are incision and non-incision.
Incision needs to recovery period of scar, but non-incision takes less period for recovery rather than incision.
Many people prefers non-incision eyelid surgery in these days. Because non-incision doesn't necessary to stitches removal and it's easy procedure.

Hoon Song, MD
South Korea Plastic Surgeon

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