Bump on Bridge After Rhinoplasty. Dr. Says Not Swelling or a Callus & Won't Go Away with Time? (photo)

I had Septorhinoplasty 8 wks/ago. 1st surgery. Spreader grafts used for narrow passages and small dorsal hump removed (osteotomies and rasped the bone). New & more significant bump on my nose now that I didn’t have before. Dr. says that it’s bone and won’t change on it’s own. It's on the upper 1/3 & lateral aspect of nose; most noticeable from oblique view. Can it be treated w/ rasping w/o osteotomies? Would it be a simple (minimal risk) procedure? How should I talk to Dr about this? THANKS!!!

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Dorsal hump reduction during rhinoplasty

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The bump (dorsal hump) on your nose could be residual bone or cartilage.  Based on your photos, it may be possible to reduce your dorsal hump without performing osteotomies.  If the hump reduction results in an open-roof deformity (gap between your nasal bones) then it's best to perform osteotomies in conjunction to medialize the nasal bones and close this gap.  This is fairly straightforward for a rhinoplasty specialist.  

Your surgeon will almost certainly be interested to know your concerns, and once you voice them to him/her will likely offer you options for treatment.  


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