Bump A/f Rhinoplasty Dr. Says Not Callus or Swelling and Won't Be Reabsorbed? (photo)

I had Septorhinoplasty 8 wks/ago. 1st surgery. Spreader grafts used for narrow passages and small dorsal hump removed (osteotomies and rasped the bone). New & more significant bump on my nose now that I didn’t have before. Dr. says that it’s bone and won’t change on it’s own. It's on the upper 1/3 & lateral aspect of nose; most noticeable from oblique view. Can it be treated w/ rasping w/o osteotomies? Would it be a simple (minimal risk) procedure? How should I talk to Dr about this? THANKS!!!

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Revision Rhinoplasty may be Needed

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Dear Nosebreather,


It is difficult to see with the photographs provided however it appears that you still have a dorsal bump that may need to be revised. This may be able to be treated with rasping which would be properly diagnosed with a direct examination. See your treating surgeon for a full evaluation and he/she will be able to tell you what is needed surgically to attain the desired aesthetic result you are wanting. If you do have revision surgery I would suggest waiting the proper length of time before addressing the problems. The nose takes an entire year to fully heal and the swelling will dissipate greatly in the coming months. Approximately 70% of the swelling should dissipate during the first three to four months and then the final 30% may take an entire year depending on your skin type, ethnicity etc. Wishing you a quick recovery and best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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