Lips and Smile Weird from Chin Implant?

i just had a chin implant and rhinoplasty 5 weeks ago. I am still numb on half of one side of lips and chin. When I smile My bottom lip doesnt really move...and if i try to smile big it makes my lips very thin. My chin still hurts -both nose and chin are stiff when i smile. Can you tell me if I will ever have my normal smile back? Im trying to patient but panicking at the same time. And if not, can i remove the implant and will my old smile come back? thanks

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Crooked smile after chin implant

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morning CJR,

I'm sorry for your stress. Five weeks is still a little on the early side so just give it more time. Try to stay calm and go about your normal activities. As the patient it's very difficult for you because you are waking up every morning and seeing your face multiple times per day. Try to keep yourself busy and stay in close contact with your surgeon. Changing your nose and your chin may permanently change your smile but not necessarily in a negative way. You'll be very surprised at what you look like after six months.

To answer your question regarding implant removal. Many times significant issues with chin implant such as lower lip numbness, chronic pain, and in some cases a crooked lip can be improved or resolve when the implant is removed.

Best of luck

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