What's the average cost of Chin reduction (mentoplasty) surgery? (photo)

I feel my jawline and chin needs to be shaved down to look less masculine. ANY suggestions?

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Chin reduction

I can't see the angle of your jaw well from the frontal photo, but it does not seem that the sides/angles of the jaw need to be reduced.  If you would like to reshape and reduce your chin, this can be done either through a small incision behind the chin or through an incision in the mouth.  You can get a dramatic effect by bony recontouring.  An in office appointment can give you a more detailed evaluation and idea of what to expect.  You are lovely already, but I think a chin reduction (genioplasty) would give your face a softer, rounder look.
Best of luckDr Rodman

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Chin reduction

The average male chin is taller than the average female chin, so a tall chin can indeed be a masculinizing feature.  The rest of your face - full cheeks, high brows, delicate nose - is soft and feminine, so your chin does draw the eye.  You chin height can be reduced either through and incision in your mouth or one through the skin right beneath it.  For you I would recommend a procedure through the mouth as with darker skin scars can heal less predictably.  

Bryan Rolfes, MD

Bryan Rolfes, MD
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