I'm 40 year old woman who wants to get fillers for my under eyes. Which filler works best with African American skin? (photos)

I am a 40 year old woman who is interested in getting fillers for my under eyes. However I'm horrified about choosing incorrectly. Which filler would best suit me?

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Which Fillers Work Well With African-American Skin?

All fillers work well with African American skin, and all skin types. Some fillers are thicker, more viscous, than others. The thicker fillers, like Radiesse, have the benefit of lasting longer, and staying in place better, than thinner fillers like Restylane.  However, they require more injector experience and care for filling under the eyes than thinner fillers. The thinner the skin is under the eyes the more it helps to use a thinner filler to help prevent irregularities. 
The key to the best results under the eyes is to inject the filler very smoothly just below where the eyelid meets the cheekbone, and to inject it as deeply against the bone as possible. All fillers will work well here, some just last longer than others.

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Does skin color matter for fillers

Skin color doesn't matter for fillers. They are all fine to use. What matters is the filler itself, and most importantly, the skill of your injector. Find a good injector (or several) for consultations and go from there. I prefer Restylane for under the eyes, and have also found that Voluma works well, not specifically in the under eye region, but by building up the cheekbone for many people it helps the tear trough area look much better too.

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Under Eye Fillers for African American Skin

Skin color or type does not make a difference when choosing a filler for underneath your eyes. The type of filler used, however, is important. I prefer to use Belotero or Juvederm Ultra XC when injecting this area. Juvderm must be injected directly on top of the bone to prevent getting the puffy eyes look. It is important to know that although fillers may improve the appearance of dark circles underneath the eyes, they will not completely resolve the dark pigment changes that occur in this area. Fortunately, there are other ways to treat any hyperpigmentation that remains after the volume loss has been fully corrected with fillers. Hope this helps answer your question!

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I'm 40 year old woman who wants to get fillers for my under eyes. Which filler works best with African American skin?

You skin color makes no difference when it comes to fillers really!  I tend to use Restylane and/or Belotero in the tear trough region of the eyes because they are soft.  This is important because the skin around the eyes tends to be quite thin so a soft filler has a lower chance of being palpable (i.e. you can feel it).  Sometimes I will layer the Resty deeper on the bone and the Belotero just under the skin for a nice smooth improvement to the lower lid/tear trough region.  Be mindful that another consequence of filler in the eyelid area is swelling and sometimes bruising.  Some patients opt to take Arnika--an herbal supplement to help with bruising--starting before and continuing after the injection. Cold compresses applied to the area for the first 48 hours may also help.  I would also suggest making sure you schedule your visit with a board certified plastic surgeon, dermatologist, or facial plastic surgeon with experience performing injections in this area.

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Based on your photo, well-performed under eye injections may be considered to fill your under eye grooves.

In our practice, we prefer to use Silikon-1000, an off-label filler for permanent results. You may benefit from consulting several reputable specialists so you could see what might be best for you.

Hope this helps you.

Dr. Joseph

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Injectable fillers (Restylane) to Lower Eyelids and Skin Type


The only type of injectable material you should have placed in the lower eyelids is one of the hyaluronic acids.  I prefer Restylane.  Your skin color isn't important.  These injections are not done into the skin but rather deep, under the muscle right over the bone.  It is very important not to inject into the skin or immediately under the skin in the lower eyelids no matter what color your skin.  The lower eyelid skin is too thin to allow for this and the product will show.  If injected too superficial, it could look like you have puffy, allergic eyes, it could be lumpy, and you could get what is called the tyndall affect, which means it looks blue.  Also, the hyaluronic acid products can be dissolved if there are any issues.  I very much discourage use of Radiesse, Sculptra, or any non-hyaluronic acid in the lower eyelid.

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Under Eye Injections for Dark Skin

Hi Apple.  The color of your skin does not matter when considering dermal fillers.  For the area under the eyes, we prefer Restylane because it is a soft malleable filler that works well with the tender area under the eyes. 

Make sure to find a practice that can show you some nice before and after photos and also injects deep "under the muscle".

For a good example of one of our Los Angeles based patients before and after pictures of Restylane injections under the eyes, have a look at the link below.  Good luck.

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Which fillers work best for African American Skin?

I would use Juvéderm® Ultra XC, as it will work well for African American skin. For my patients, I also usually rejuvenate the whole face since it's usually not just the eyes that have lost volume. Consider, for example, lost volume at the temples and cheeks. Addressing those areas will lift the smile and marionette lines. 

I am very precise near the eyes and inject just above the bone at the tear troughs. I usually inject only a little and then massage the Juvéderm® evenly and even a little onto the lower eyelid. If too much is injected then you may have swollen eyes (remember that Juvéderm® attracts water and the eyes may be swollen for a week or two). It better to under treat and inject more at a later date if you need it.

I also use a blunt cannula (the Magic Needle brand from France) as is the most effective and comfortable; it allows me to reach all of the desired areas from one injection site. I usually do this behind the hair line just above the ear so there is no visible scar. The blunt cannula is also safer as it will not cut any blood vessels or nerves. See if you might find a doctor who utilizes the Magic Needle, it just delivers amazing results. 

Have a beautiful weekend,

Dr. Yeo

Choon Kia Yeo, MD
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