Can I Achieve Natural Looking, Fuller and SLIGHT Lift with Implant Only? (photo)

I'm almost 32 years old, 5' and about 120 pounds. I was once a small D or full C but after two children and some minor weight loss, I'm left with deflated breasts. I've never had naturally perky breasts, even before children. I have two consults scheduled in April. I'm HOPING to get the news that I'm able to have the implants only without the need for a lift. I've done the "pencil test" and I believe I'm grade 1 ptosis. Suggestions on procedure and or implant type?

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Can I Achieve Natural Looking, Fuller and SLIGHT Lift with Implant Only?

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Yes, yes and probably no...many women currently want the best result they can get with implants alone and to therefore avoid a formal lift, with the attendants scars and increased complications.  But there is a trade-off; you may not be able to accomplish everything you want no matter what you do.  The procedure with less scarring can't truly provide a lift but in order to get the "best" shape you have to have more scarring than you want.  I would advise you to get just the implants and accept the result you get as a good trade for what you have now (with the understanding that I'm giving an opinion from a photo online which can't be compared with examining someone in person, and having a full discussion at that time).  You'll have to decide which issues are the most important for you; this comes, of course, from having lost the weight associated with the pregnancies.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

Dr. E

I think a lift would benefit you greatly

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Looking at your pictures it appears that you do have an elongated breast. My concern in "not" performing a lift is that you will have full upper breasts with hanging nipples. Breast measurements would be required for more detailed information. If you area already going through the augmentation procedure, adding a lift at the same time, especially if it is just a circum-areolar lift, would probably be a good idea.

Itzhak Nir, MD, FACS
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implant with or without lift

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Your breasts do have slight ptosis but you could achieve a nice result without a lift if that is what you desire. The perkiest result, of course, would require a lift but that also requires a more visible scar. When I do implants without a lift in a person with your shape breasts I always place the implant in front of the muscle in a subfascial position. This will allow the implant to remain sitting with the breast  because you can expect a bit more sagging after the operation with implants only. It will prevent the "double bubble" effect that is often seen when the breast sags but the implant is held up by the muscle.

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High Profile Silicone Implant may avoid Breast Lift in Glandular Ptosis

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My patients, who have lost breast volume after having children, often ask me the same question during a cosmetic breast consultation. It sounds like you have mild droop called Grade 1 ptosis (nipples are at or above the infra-mammary fold). When part of the breast has dropped below the fold, this is called glandular ptosis or pseudo ptosis.

It is possible to avoid a mastopexy incision (breast lift) by using a high profile Mentor or Allergan silicone implant in a sub-facial or subglandular plane. An implant size range of 250-450cc would be appropriate to accomplish this goal. It is up to you and your plastic surgeon to discuss and agree upon your desired size & look prior to surgery. Good luck on your upcoming surgery!

Wayne Lee, MD
Brandon Plastic Surgeon

Can I Achieve Natural Looking, Fuller and SLIGHT Lift with Implant Only

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Very possible to achieve the results you are requesting via implant only. I might suggest an UHP silicone 350 to 400 cc or Sientra textures high projection 350 cc range. 

Is breast lift needed?

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Thanks for your question and pictures.  Your question is a very common one for women that have had children.  Most often, women would benefit from a lift and augmentation to get the best result after having children.  In your case, a lift is not absolutely needed as long as you are not expecting "perky" breasts with an augmentation alone.  If you communicate your goals and understand the limitations of an augmentation by itself, you can get a reasonable result with an augmentation.  Good luck!

Naveen Setty, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift

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Photos of your breasts have an appearance from the profile that the nipple is above the fold of the breast which is usually a key to making this decision and would predict that implants alone would be sufficient.  (It is best to examine a patient and determine this for sure.)  However, I also noticed you have significant stretch marks from having children.  This is an indication that the skin has lost some of the elasticity and would most likely need a small doughnut (periareolar) lift. Lastly, you also have decent sized breasts already so assuming you are not planning on going much larger then you will have a smaller than average implant because of your significant breast volume already.  That means the "lift"  you get from the implant will be less significant than in others. Again, that would favor a small periareolar lift.

To lift or not?

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Thank you for your question and photos. Augmentation with a lift will  give you the best results.  Short of that, an augmenation alone would give you reasonably good results, but it will be a compromise result.  You will have larger, fuller breasts that are slightly droopy as they are now.  Perky breasts will require lifting.  All the best.

Breast lift would give best results

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By the pictures it looks like at minimum a donut lift with implants would give the best results. If you want to avoid scaring you could have a breast augmentation alone and if not pleased with the results undergo a lift later. The down side is cost and going with anesthesia twice.

Good luck

Can I Achieve Natural Looking, Fuller and SLIGHT Lift with Implant Only

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       You have an anatomy that puts you at the border of implants alone vs implants with a lift.  In patients who are close like you, I offer breast augmentation first in an effort to avoid scarring with the understanding that a lift may be needed later.  Another way to approach this is to trust the surgeon enough to make the decision to perform a lift during the surgery after the breast augmentation is performed if augmentation alone is not enough to produce the desired result.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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