Breast reduction. Two weeks after, I had a hematoma, drained, stitched, still hurts a lot. Is this normal?

two weeks after i woke up and one breast was twice the size of the other. i went in and he drained it (kidney color blood) for 40 minutes and then stitched it up then it up. he removed drain and said to put bandaid on two areas that were had openings from incisions. I am changing bandaids ( large bandaids twice a day) but it still really hurts. Is this normal and how long does it hurt.

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Breast reduction

It can take some time for the pain and discomfort to settle. I would keep in touch with your PS as the wounds are healing. Having a haematoma should not affect the long term results. 

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Post breast reduction haematoma

Haematomas are a recognised complication. If dealt with quickly then they tend not to have long term issues.

Treating open wounds may need a bit more attention to enable good healing, but regular contact with your surgeon should enable this

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