Strongly want smart lipo. Had consult, just gotta set a date. My only fear is the pain and incisions - how bad is it?

do people jump and squirm? or even cry? also, do i need to drain pus as some people say? im terrified of dentists novocaine needles, and being awake also scares me :(

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Smart Lipo

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Can be performed under local with minimal discomfort in the right setting, but not for everyone. I do not continue if someone is squirming in pain or too nervous.

If you are terrified of needles, you should consider twilight sleep administered by an anesthesiologist.

Smart lipo is not painful

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The procedure begins with an injection of anesthetic fluid directly into your fat. This is painless when done expertly. The anesthetic kicks in immediately and you remain numbed for hours afterwards. If this makes you too anxious, request to sleep through the procedure with intravenous sedation conducted by an anesthesiologist. There will be an additional fee for this, but it's always an option. You may be sore the next day, but able to carry normal activities and return to work in 1-2 days. There is no pus. There is fluid which drains from the tiny incisions for a few days afterwards.

My patients go back to work the very next day

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i have done almost 600 Smartlipo cases in my office and everyone goes back to work the next day. i give everyone a narcotic painkiller but not a very strong one. Most patients, if they take it at all, only take it at night for the first night or two because they are sore and it makes it harder to go to sleep. i let them all shower the next day and resume full exercising after 5 days. 
the incisions are very small  - only about 3 mm. 
it is important to remember that it takes 6 months to get the maximum benefit.
It also does not work in a vacuum. You will get a much better result if you
exercise more and eat a healthy diet.

good luck,
david berman md

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